Adhere to the spirit of enterprise as "dedicated, pragmatic, truth-seeking, and innovative" , more than 300 employees of Qinxing have dedicated themselves to the R& D, production and marketing of series of products such as sesame oil, tomato paste, sesame paste and edible vegetable oil.

        With aqueous extraction as main processing method,the utmost aromatic substances and functional nutritive compositions of Qinxing’s sesame oil is remained to the maximum. The whole process of stone mill technique and aqueous extraction method do not need any chemical additives ,           which have realized the purity of every drop of sesame oil.


The main products of the Qinxing are "Qinxing" series of sesame oil, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, flavouring oil, sesame paste, there are more than 70 varieties. Domestic marketing network of the company has already covered the Northeast and North China, Southern China and other provinces. In 2016, the company’s sales revenue was up to 65 million yuan and now it increases at a rate of 15%.

In 2008, Qinxing's sesame oil owned the "famous brand of Xinjiang"product title; in December 2010, Qinxing's tomato paste in small package was judged "Xinjiang famous brand" by the Brand Strategy Promotion Committee of Autonomous Region; in June 2015, Urmqi conferred on Qinxing the title of "Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization". In 2016, Qinxing's sesame oil, tomato paste, and sesame paste were certificated by the ISO9001 Quality Control System, HACCP System, and Export Health Records.


Qinxing's sesame oil inherits the conventional stonemill technology, remains the utmost aromatic substances and functional nutritive compositions of sesame seeds. With aqueous extraction as main processing method, and other techniques as filter-rinsing, grinding, steam-roasting, and oscillatory oil separating, Qinxing have realized the purity of every drop of sesame oil.


There is an independent raw material base for Qinxing's tomato paste which is natural and pollution-free. Qinxing's tomato paste is with high concentrations, high-viscosity, bright color, excellent quality. The content of lycopene in tomato paste is high and vitamins are rich. Reserving of the nutritional components of tomato are ensured through sterilized canning.

We are engaged in the condiment industry with

criterion of quality, purity, safety and fragrance.

Xinjiang— world’s second largest production base of tomato. The illumination time of Xinjiang is long and temperature difference between day and night is big. Both of the raw material bases of Qinxing are located in Xinjiang, therefore tomatoes picked from Qinxing’s tomato material base are full of lycopene , fresh and nutritious, while sesame seeds harvested from Qinxing sesame material base are full and with high quality.



The Predecessor of Xinjiang Qin Xing Industrial Investment Co., Ltd was Xinjiang Qin Xing Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd, which was founded in 1992 with registered capital of 5 million yuan. At present, Qinxing has employees of more than 300 people with its total asset of about 30million yuan. The company's production base covers an area of 40000 square meters, with a building area of more than 12000 square meters, which is a sizeable processing enterprise in Xinjiang’s condiment industry.